Long Term Care

If you never need Long Term Care, will a traditional policy still pay benefits?

Answer: NO and all of the premium payments you made are lost. “If you don’t use the coverage, you lose your premiums”. Also the premiums you pay can increase during your lifetime.

These problems can be solved. New products are now available to provide:

  • Lifetime guaranteed level premiums never increase
  • Benefits are guaranteed to be paid
  • If you have long term care expenses, cash withdrawals from the policy are available
  • If you never have long term care expenses, all of the benefits will be payable to heirs upon death in the form of tax free life insurance

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Long Term Care grew more expensive again this past year according to a survey from Genworth Financial, a leading insurance provider.

Americans are also paying more for other care options like home health aides and assisted living communities.

Private nursing home rooms now come with a median annual bill of $92,378, an increase of 1.2% from 2015 and nearly 19% since 2011.

Medicare does not cover long term stays, so many families are spending down their assets to pay for care.


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