The Valuable Internal Rate of Return (IRR) Generated by Life Insurance

Survivorship life insurance, insuring two individuals in one contract, is typically designed for family and estate tax planning needs.

These contracts provide excellent guaranteed returns for premiums paid.

Recently we proposed $10 million of coverage on a male age 60 and female age 58, both preferred non-smokers with an annual premium of $79,257 – guaranteed premiums and guaranteed coverage to age 101.

This created the following tax free internal rate of return (IRR).

Policy Year Tax Free IRR Death Benefit
10 44.58% $10 million
15 24.10% $10 million
20 15.54% $10 million
25 10.96% $10 million
30 8.16% $10 million
35 6.3% $10 million
40 4.9% $10 million

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